(apple·blue·sea·green) – a colour that is hard to specify

APPELBLAUWZEEGROEN is a quest for what I’ve lacked to feel… a sense of belonging. I examine interconnectedness with nature, with loved ones and with my past. Embracing my relationship with death and – above all – with life. New and unborn. Resilient, yet so fragile. Losing it after feeling it, daunts me.

I try to create a visual string of poetry to find warmth and tenderness in everything. It leads past fragments of my reality and dreams, all interwoven and performing a wondrous balancing act together. APPELBLAUWZEEGROEN brings me comfort by revealing these unexpected connections. 


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64 pages offset print

1st edition

self published

editing: Ellen Sanders, Marijke De Schepper

essay: Roosje van der Kamp

graphic design: Jannie van der Goor

lithography: Marco Kokkelkoren

printing: Lenoirschuring Amsterdam

price: 37,50 euro (BTW included, ex shipping)